Japan Accommodations

Japan has a wide variety of choices in accommodations. Being one of the super powers in Asia and around the world, you should expect that all the major hotel chains here in the major cities of Japan. The quality of service and facilities rival the best hotels in highly urbanized and developed countries in Europe and in the US.

You can choose from a western-oriented kind of accommodations to a Japanese type of accommodations. The pricing will naturally be varied, but since Japan has a high standard of living, especially in its major cities, prices will be relatively expensive.


There are cheap budget hotels all around the country, or if you prefer, there are also many 5 star hotels as well. If you are just in Japan on a stop over, you might prefer to check into a hotel near Narita Tokyo International Airport.

Capsule hotel in JapanMost hotels in Japan, regardless of room rate, are clean and most are very well managed. The Japanese people are famous for having an uncluttered lifestyle, and this becomes very evident in their hotels as well. Many of the hotels may be considered sparse, but if you look at them from a different angle, you will begin to appreciate the free space and the neat surroundings.

Most first class hotels will add a 10 to 15% service charge to your bill as well as a consumption tax of 5%. Tipping is not encouraged, and is even frowned upon by most Japanese as not being part of their culture and upbringing. For a great selection of places to stay with discount prices visit Japan Hotels for more information.

Japanese Inns or Ryokan

If you prefer to savor an authentic Japanese accommodations, you should consider a Japanese Inn as your choice. These quaint inns are very cozy and friendly, similar to the bed and breakfast very common in Europe.

Home Stay

This unique concept allows a foreign tourist to stay with a Japanese family during the length of his stay. This is one way you can learn more about Japanese culture and way of life. You will eat what they eat, and follow their general house rules.

Booking a home stay visit with a Japanese family is also ideal if you are traveling to Japan to learn the language, or as an international student. You can find a home stay Japanese family from your local travel agency, or you could surf the internet for more choices.

Apartments or Guest Houses

If you plan to stay for an extended period in Japan, it would be more economical to rent an apartment for a short term period. This will allow you more freedom in moving about the country without the burden of having to deal with hotel prices and being treated as a tourist with money to burn.

Incorporating yourself into the mainstream of Japanese culture and lifestyle will also give you an added memory to take back home. One of the best aspects of renting an apartment or guest house is the fact that you can cook your meals, and do your own laundry which is a big savings since eating out can be quite expensive activity.

If you are planning to go to Japan, whether for a few days or a couple of months, make an effort to learn a few pertinent phrases in the local language. Being able to understand even the most basic greetings will never fail to please a Japanese individual.

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