Japanese Culture

Japanese CultureWhen you’re in Japan, you know you’re far from home because everything is different. The scenery, food, people, language, currency, and sights are all strange. And this is what makes Japan such a fabulous place to visit!

The Land of the Rising Sun is full of exciting places to see. Some of the must see cultural sites in Japan are the gardens. These are detailed works of art that depict Japanese respect for nature and all it can supply them with.

There are different kinds of Japanese gardens like the Karesansui which is Zen inspired in design. The gravel or sand symbolizes water which in turn focuses on the simplicity yet forcefulness of nature.

The two otgher kinds of gardens are the Tsukiyama and the Chaniwa. The chaniwa garden is a tea garden while the Tsukiyama garden are hill gardens.

The Japanese tea ceremony is a wonderful tradition of mental discipline. It was introduced to Japan from China but perfected by the Master Sen-no-Rikyu who based the ceremony on the Zen spirituality of the 16th century.

What is looked for in a tea ceremony is control, calm, grace and form. There is a pattern one must use in drinking tea properly which involves holding the cup in a certain way and rotating it a number of times in a specific direction before actually drinking the tea.

The Japanese architecture is also an amazing work of art. You can see much of it when you visit temples and ancient towns. The Japanese pride themselves in their cultural art, and the buildings is one way they can manifest their art.

Most Japanese architecture is centered around nature. The main construction materials used are earth, wood and paper. The Japanese prefer to have a house or building that is elongated horizontally.

The Japanese also have a floral and paper art form. Floral art is called ikebana while paper art is known as origami. Today, there are about 3,000 schools that teach the art of ikebana which just shows how much the Japanese people value their art and nature.

Origami has become a worldwide art ever since it was brought to the western world as a form of craft. Origami is essentially a wonderful way to fold paper to produce art forms of animals or things. Some of the most amazing origami in Japan is as small as a flea.

Another art form in Japan is the Calligraphy which is also known as Sho. This is a certain way of writing that the western has adopted eagerly. The beauty of calligraphy is in the stroking of the pen, the force used, and the amount of ink applied. There are many kinds of Japanese brushes and pens that are used to write calligraphy.

We have all heard of Bonsai plants, may be even seen some plants. If not, then visiting a Bonsai garden will surely amaze you. These are miniature trees or plants that have been cultivated to follow the way a original sized version would look when in full bloom. The Bonsai plants are absolutely incredible art forms that you will not see done more exquisitely anywhere else.

Japan also has dances and festivals that depict life in Japan, and all that is important to them such as the seasons of the year, the Doll Festival, Lantern Festival.

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