People and Food of Japan

The Japanese people are one of the most respectful people in the world. For them, honor is of the utmost importance, and being honorable is what keeps their head up high.

The Japanese truly practice word of honor which means that they will never agree to something that they have no intention of fulfilling. For the Japanese, family is very important, and respect for elders are considered also a most valuable trait.

Unlike many western countries, the senior Japanese members of the family are accorded a superior position in the household. Most elderly are taken care of by the younger generation. It has always been the tradition of a Japanese family.

Much of the popularity of Japan in the western world is the familiarity with Japanese food. This cuisine is considered an exotic food because of its uniqueness and flavor.

Much of the Japanese food rely heavily on fresh ingredients and strong flavors. Some of the traditional dishes in Japan are sushi, sukiyaki, tempura, sashimi, yakitori, fried rice, udon, and shabu shabu.

SushiSushi is an appetizer served in a variety of ways. It is best taken with soy sauce mixed with Japanese green mustard called wasabi. It is sometimes served with sweet egg omelet, tuna, shrimp, crab meet, and a host of other flavorful ingredients. Sukiyaki is a light clear soup with vermicelli noodles, vegetables and sliced beef, topped with a raw egg. It is served very hot so that the egg will cook on its own. This soup dish is very popular with the Japanese people because it is your one dish meal because it contains all you need for a full course (except dessert, of course).

Tempura is a favorite among children. This dish is a deep fried shrimp or vegetable covered with flour, egg, bread crumbs, and water, and served with a light sauce flavored with ground ginger.

Sashimi is not for the faint hearted only because it is raw tuna eaten with soy sauce. It is an acquired taste but once you have gotten over the shock of eating raw food, you will find yourself craving for it every so often.

Yakitori is Japanese barbeque. You can choose between chicken, pork, beef or seafood yakitori that are grilled to perfection.

If you have never tasted Japanese rice before, you have to make time to try some while in Japan. It is very different from Chinese fried rice because it is cooked with butter, and sometimes, very little oil. The Japanese rice also makes a huge difference in the end result. Japanese rice is one of the more expensive rice varieties in the world because it tends to stay moist and thick even after cooking.

Shabu Shabu is like a smorgasbord of everything. It’s like tossing in a pot of hot boiling soup, whatever you want to eat. The beauty of eating shabu shabu is the whole process is done right on your restaurant table. The raw ingredients are served to you, and the waiters leave you to mix and match. It’s not just culinary experience, it a memorable cooking moment for the entire group.

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