Travel Around Japan

Traveling around Japan has become so easy with all the modern conveniences that a country like Japan has. There is even this tourist incentive for a Pass to go traveling around Japan. This is one of the most efficient ways of going around the country and seeing the sights.

There are certain requirements though in buying a Pass

  • If you are a tourist, you can only buy a Pass if you will be in the country for less than 90 days
  • If you are a Japanese who has been living in another country, you will also be allowed to buy a Pass
  • You have to buy your Pass even before you enter Japan. This you can do through your local travel agency who will give you an exchange order, which is similar to a voucher. This you will have to exchange for the Pass when you get to Japan.
  • The Pass is valid for all JR trains, buses and ferries.

Bullet Trains

ShinkansenThe Shinkansen are Japan’s bullet trains. These are lightning fast trains that are also very comfortable to ride in.

To ride on a bullet train, all you need to do is go to the Midori-no-mado-guchi counters located in all the major Japan Railway stations. Buy your bullet train fare which is an additional fee on top of the regular train fare. You can also request for special seats at this time. However, you will be required to pay extra.

Inside the bullet trains, it is very easy to find your seat since they are all numbered properly. You can even buy Japanese meals in a box from roving girls on the train. These trains are usually packed which means that the additional fee for reserving a seat will be well worth it.

Going around in the Bus, Car or Taxi

If you decide not to buy a Pass, that would not be a problem since traveling aroid Japan is so easy with all the efficient bus routes in each city. The weather is also usually very pleasant for a walking tour.

The Nihon Bus Association, which consists of bus companies from all around Japan, has been operating since 1927. They have been responsible for most of the development and management of the bus transportation industry in Japan.

In fact, if you try going on a bus in Japan, you will be amazed at how efficient they are, not just with the time tables and schedules, but also with how they run the bus trip itself.

For instance, when you get on the bus, you need to get a ticket from the machine. This ticket will tell the driver your point of entry and help him in determining your fare. When you want to get off the bus, all you have to do is ring a bell near your seat to tell the driver that someone wants to get off.

You will then have to pay for your bus fare based on your ticket. The fare rates are posted in an electronic sign above the driver. Only the exact change can be paid. If you do not have it, you must use the changing machine in the bus.

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